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released March 17, 2010




From Antarctica Sweden

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Track Name: Fall Off
I play pretend games in the flickering light
that I am yours and you are mine
you fall of the edge of my mind
and I don't think you can climb back up
no, I don't think that I can fall back in love with you

And I should be screaming or breathing a sigh of relief
you're two black eyes orbiting heartbeats that burst
from your chest, that's all you are
the headful of thoughts and the lungful of words
that I needed got lost in this terrible trivial ritual leaving only scars

And I'm changing
this is not who I am, this is not who you are
and I'm changing
still you fall off the edge of my heart

I play pretend games in the flickering light
that I am yours and you are mine
and everything will be all right
Track Name: Other End
Vacuum, where this life will end
signals, hear, receive and send
gaze a hole straight through the floor
voices on the other end

I wasn't deceived by you
all that I believed was true
I cannot connect anymore
colors, movement, nothing new

Birds return with shadowflocks
paint the acre black with dots
an aging signal, empty shell
landing on the mountain rocks

I wasn't deceived by you
all that I believed was true
I have nothing left to tell
cut the timeline right in two
Track Name: Youth
look at the youth polluting the air
on your ten year lifespan
copy yourself, you'll render it reckless
you are the source of your echo

there is something in you that never dies
inside of me
something lost, something lost in time
it is a hopeless flight

did you
end up
too long?
Track Name: Armstrong
A dead end that feels like a new beginning
a blessing to see the circles you're running round in
a conqueror of tiny things
the autumn leaves caught in the wind
a train-track halt so deafening, it's a new start
it's a new start

A calling to arms in the screaming wind
it pounds in your face
but nothing's sinking in
standing up for something
it's boiling underneath your skin
but nothing's is sinking in, it's the old ways haunting
it's the old ways

Well love and loss
all the costs of living
ticking in your heart
a broken record, skipping beats
it still repeats, there's nothing left to see here

nothing worth our love
nothing worth our touch
nothing worth our time
nothing worth our grace
nothing worth our love

We're going out to space dear
we'll follow after armstrong
it's what we deserve
it's where we belong
it's where we belong